Wet Rocks, a single phase liquid immersion cooled computer.

Wet Rocks CAD Drawing


Wet Rocks features.

  • Wet Rocks is a computer immersed in liquid.

  • Single phase liquid cooled CPU.

  • Single phase liquid cooled GPUs.

  • Multiple AMD Radeon 7900XTX GPUs, RNDA3, 24G RAM for AI compute.

  • AMD Epyc CPUs.

  • USA domestic 110V power

  • Three 110V 15-20A circuits/outlets used.

  • ASRock ASRack ROMED8-2T motherboards with seven PCIe 4.0 16x.

  • T-slot chassis with tank.

  • Higher density than fan or direct to chip cooling.

  • Fewer parts.


The system is running, immersed in ElectroCool.

Running with GPU.
Immersed in first live run.
Tank and Chassis with Motherboard
Wet Rocks Under Construction
Wet Rocks Under Construction


Jeff Moe <moe@parrot.codes>
Loveland, Colorado, USA