Hardware for Wet Rocks is described below.

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials (BoM) spreadsheet contains the components used to build Wet Rocks. This spreadsheet is the core document of Wet Rocks.

The BoM also includes other tabs with various component options, such as different suppliers for RAM, CPUs, GPUs, watercooling setups, etc.


For full details and latest data see the LibreOffice spreadsheet bill of materials:


Below is the bill of materials of the cluster as deployed and as being built. This is just a few columns of one of the tabs of the main LibreOffice spreadsheet.

Custom Components

Custom built components for Wet Rocks.


Acrylic, laser cut parts for the immersion tank.


T-slot chassis to hold tank and other components.

Motherboard Mount Plate

Acrylic plate to mount the motherboard and PCIe cards. The plate gets inserted into the tank and is removable.


An acrylic lid to help keep out some debris.